Apronex provides complete services for generation of recombinant proteins, including cloning, expression in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems, purification, and essential characterization of the recombinant product with subsequent immunization and production of polyclonal antibodies.

  • The delivery conditions for the services mentioned below are: Delivery period depending on the type of order. After receiving the customer’s order, we send a price quotation and the expected delivery period (according to the type and requirements of the particular activity, ranging from 1-2 weeks up to 2-3 months)


We provide a large scale of services in the area of cloning techniques. To the customer’s order we configure a complete cloning strategy for DNA segments ranging from the design of primers or gene synthesis to the cloning into an appropriate plasmid expression vector for production of the desired recombinant protein in a bacterial or recently introduced insect expression system. For optimization of the recombinant protein purification, the expression vectors contain N- or C-terminal tags (His6 or Strep tag).

  • Preparation of suitable expression vectors (see above).
  • Testing of expression of the recombinant protein and optimization of its production
  • Analytical isolation of the recombinant protein and its optimization
  • The expression itself and purification of the recombinant protein at the required quantity and quality
  • Optional removal of endotoxins (LPS) from the purified protein or labelling of the recombinant protein with fluorescent probes, biotin, or enzymes
  • Labelling of proteins with fluorescent probes, biotin, or enzymes

Using the LAL (limulus amebocyte lysate) test we can quantify very low concentrations of endotoxins/lipopolysaccharides in aqueous solutions containing low- or high-molecular-weight molecules (proteins, peptides, antibodies, or plasmid DNA).
In case the customer desires it, we also effectively remove endotoxins (LPS) from the solutions containing low- or high-molecular weight molecules (proteins, peptides, antibodies, or plasmid DNA) if such procedure is needed. In general, routine methods of protein purification (such as ultrafiltration, ion exchange chromatography, and the like) are not sufficient for the endotoxin removal.

Apronex offers comprehensive services, from preparation of recombinant or conjugated (KLH) peptide antigens, through immunization of rabbits and screening of polyclonal antibodies, to their affinity purification and initial characterization.

Apronex offers labelling of recombinant proteins and antibodies with fluorescent tags (e.g., FITC, Dyomics dyes, and other) as well as with biotin.