Welcome to Apronex Ltd.!

Apronex Ltd. is the private Czech company founded in 2003. Company provides complex service in molecular cloning, in production of recombinant proteins and in preparation of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. Based on decision Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic are the Apronex´s laboratories authorised to dispose of Genetically Modified Organisms.

Company is focused mainly on:

Molecular-biological service – isolation of plasmid DNA from cells, primers design, PCR amplification, one- or moresteps cloning into plasmid/expression vector, using of synthetic genes, sequencing DNA.
Production of recombinant proteins in procaryotic or eukaryotic expression systems including testing of recombinant proteins expression, expression of recombinant proteins in larger volumes, experimental conditions setting of protein isolation and purification, protein stability testing, testing of protein re-folding conditions, endotoxin (LPS) removing from the sample of purified protein.
Production and purification of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies in mice and rabbits and testing their specifity.
Peptides, proteins and antibodies labelling.
At the cumstomer´s request it is possible to suggest whole process from cloning targed gene, expression and protein purification, immunisation by this antigen up to obtaining purified monoclonal and/or polyclonal antibodies.